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We work with our customers from start to finish to ensure that every piece that leaves our facility is just right. We also understand the need for security; companies have learned to trust us with their proprietary technology. Every step of every process is overseen by company president Patrick Moynihan; our clients appreciate the hands-on approach that results from a small, family-oriented staff. We work with a quality manual that defines a very specific structure for all operations.

We are not a mass-manufacturing facility. We only take on as many customers as we can serve with the care that we feel is necessary for high-quality, precision work. We have a personal relationship with each customer; Patrick takes a hands-on approach and is in communication with most customers at least on a weekly basis. Our clients know they can contact Patrick directly anytime with questions, concerns, or specification changes. Any problems are resolved immediately, and we keep in contact after delivery to make sure each of our products is performing up to expectations.

Due to our design team’s expertise and Patrick’s insistence on excellence, our products meet or exceed NSF standards. Some products are listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

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